Nordic bioenergy technology

with domestic fuels for demanding use

Biofire Oy

Biofire Oy manufactures and delivers extremely reliable and durable heating systems and heating plants which are fueled by bioenergy. Biofire Oy is especially known for its reliable Palokärki burners, and all the devices it manufactures are robust and very durable. The starting point for the company’s operations is the fact that we listen to our customers and their wishes, and focus on good, functioning design, and a flawless outcome


Domestic energy

Why would you use expensive imported fossil fuel energy, when you can get domestic energy for much less! Biofire Oy’s Palokärki products have been designed for the clean and economical utilisation of many types of solid biofuel. They have a good efficiency in burning, for example, wood chips, sod peat, pellets, and energy grain. In addition, the pre-cleaning waste from dried grain can also be used as fuel. Our largest devices (500 kW+) are also suited for the burning of crushed wood.

Heating plants

We started in 2003 with our top-quality Palokärki burners. Their excellent success has guided our way during the years in developing many other devices related to biofuel burning, and today, entire heating plants which utilise solid biofuel are the central part of our product range. Our range includes heating plants, starting from the agricultural scale all the way to district heating plants. The power categories start from 60 kW and extend all the way to 6,0 MW. We have valid EN 303-5 approval up to 500 kW plants.

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