More than 30 years of experience

Biofire Oy manufactures and delivers extremely reliable and durable heating plants which are fueled by bioenergy. Biofire is especially known for its reliable Palokärki burners, and all the devices it manufactures are robust and very durable. The starting point for the company’s operations is the fact that we listen to our customers and their wishes, and focus on good, functioning overall planning. This is important when you manufacture device assemblies tailored to specific customer needs. The planning of a heating plant is often started with the fuels selected by the customer and the customer’s possible space requirements, which are usually surveyed in advance at the site.


Biofire’s founder, Managing Director Reijo Santala, has worked with heating plants for more than 30 years, and this ensures that the best expertise in the field has gone into the products delivered by Biofire. Biofire has strengthened its position as a supplier of heating plants in Finland, and the company is also known as a reliable partner in the growing export market.

Our planning and sales office is located in Nummijärvi, in the Kauhajoki area of the South Ostrobothnia region. Our production is centered in Peräseinäjoki. You can get acquainted with our products at our company facilities or at our customers’ locations. Numerous reference cases are available all around Finland, so please call our sales personnel and request the address of our nearest customer. We are also participating in the field’s most important events, and for more information on these, please visit our website and look under News.

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