Wood chip heating container with separate storage

Power categories 60–800 kW

When additional heating power is required, the size of the equipment and storage are increased. In this case, it is sensible to locate the boiler room and the fuel storage in two separate containers.The storage container has a hydraulically closing roof, and pull bars have been installed at the bottom of the container.

The dosing equipment for the fuel supply, the burner, boiler, ash-removal equipment, and the automation are located in the boiler room container.

Locating a heating plant in two containers is a practical option, because the ground work for construction is minor, when compared to a separate heating plant. It is sufficient when even slabs are cast as a foundation for the containers beforehand, and heat-transfer canals, a water pipe and electricity are supplied on site. It only takes a couple of days to connect a container heating plant into operation.

The storage section has a hydraulically closing roof.

The storage container is located next to the boiler-room container.

As a whole, the heating container is a system in accordance with EN303-5 standard.

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