Pull bar storage

Pull bar storage system is an easy way to implement fuel storage, even for a larger fuel amount. The storage can either be constructed as a solution on flat ground or on a slope.

The bars are extremely sturdy. Their bottom reinforcement ensures that the drags remain straight, even under great forces under the fuel mass.

The pull bar storage system functions well with wood chips, peat, and other fuels and fuel mixtures alike. The pull bar storage system can also be utilised in other transfer and feed requirements of solid materials (such as in the transporting of cutter chips).

Flat ground solution

Slope solution


The hydraulic cylinders move the pushrods back and forth. The movements of the rods are programmed to suit each fuel type used by utilising automation. The size category of the plant determines the size and number of hydraulic aggregates.


During the casting of the fuel storage floor, sturdy anchoring irons are installed in the floor, and these irons have integrated guides for the unloader bars. The hydraulic cylinders attached in the conveyor-side end move the unloader bars which are programmed to move in accordance with the requirements of the fuel used.

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