Feed hopper

The Biofire feed hopper is a durable tank which is easy to maintain

The feed hopper has several functions; here is a list of the most important ones:

  • To ensure an even fuel supply to the burner
  • The tank’s reliable closing hatch operates as a warning device by separating the fuel storage and burner from one another
  • To control the fuel storage and to start the refilling of the feed hopper, in accordance with the setting

The closing hatch will open and the screw will refill the feed hopper with fuel. The ultrasound sensor will measure the level.

Feed hopper 60-650 kW

Feed hopper 800-2500 kW

Operation of the feed hopper:

In its normal position, the closing hatch is closed. Level measurement by using a reliable ultrasound sensor.

The closing hatch is only open when the intermediate tank is being refilled.

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